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Brand New Festival Brand New Channels Launched!

A brand new festival comes to life in Maboneng in Johannesburg from the 25th to the 31st of May and it is called Love Africa. The festival is the brain child of curator Carl Joshua Ncube an international touring stand up comedian, celebrity chef and TED Fellow working in conjunction with real estate firm Real Maboneng Enterprises.
The festival will feature a snapshot of various aspects of Africa from Music to Comedy to Tourism, Business, Tech crammed into the former Museum of African Design building in the heart of Maboneng Precinct.
The Festival Director and Curator said the festivals will be split into three zones in the day with the mornings having business exhibitions, talks, panel discussions and forums leading into an afternoon programme of food and cooking demos by African Chefs in the afternoons ending with sponsored cocktail events. The evening will feature a pop up 7 day comedy club, acoustic nights and pool parties to cap off each evening.
Love Africa will celebrate African communities in South Africa and will seek to target African Embassies, Entrepreneurs, Tech Developers, Chefs, Restaurants, Artists, Comedians, Musicians all based in South Africa to help demonstrate the power of togetherness and solidarity amongst Africans.
The festival will also be the launch of 3 television channels curated and produced by Feel Good Africa that will be presented to broadcast, satellite, video on demand and terrestrial platforms that celebrate African Food, Comedy, Travel and Financial Markets.

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