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General Saint the untold story of history

LONDON, (The Southern African Times) – General Saint the  acclaimed legendary musician starts a new chapter as author, of a  story untold. He tells the story  in his own words ‘reclaiming back our history, telling our our narrative from our perspective’!

 General Saint who has had decades of touring the globe as a Grammy award winning musician and number one hits and stayed in the charts for weeks globally with some of number one hits one of which is still very much popular Oh Carol and  with Don Campbell it became number one in many countries Philippians, Portugal remaining number one in the charts for three months! General Saint has worked with some of the big names Phil Colin’s and Anni Lennox and other A listers.

It was through touring he discovered the love of books killing time in the air, that inspired him to write a book based on the history of his homeland Jamaica and Africa a story about a African princess (he calls it this is the real wakanda )!

The story was  written  during lockdown, he discovered a talent he didn’t know he had, that captivated investors and alike ears, he knew it would a story that would resonate across Africa and the Caribbean the forgotten history and folk stories of African heroes   a positive  story that would inspire the future generations, just what the doctor ordered in this sick world where the youth of Afro Caribbean heritage are starved of knowledge and stories from their ancestors, he is just the key missing puzzle Hollywood has been looking for after the great success of Black Panther.

General Saint is set to officially launch his captivating book “Rebirth Of A  Arocon Warrior “ ‘The Nanny Story’, on 21 October he had his book reading at The Tabernacle W11.

He wants to see his book as part of the National Curriculum as part of the inclusive of the multicultural society we now live in, he believes schools should be teaching our children their identity his book reflects a multicultural society with characters from Asia, Africa and European he believes we are one and wants us to learn to live as one.

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