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Head of The CEO Network Conference Dr Deborah Bartlett to launch, Economic Emancipation Month

LONDON, (The Southern African Times) – Dr Deborah Bartlett is a veteran broadcaster, Founder of CEO Network, and TV presenter from the Bahamas. She has interviewed many iconic historical figures, including the likes of Nelson Mandela and Barrack Obama. However, Deborah does not allow her high flying career to get in the way of her humanitarian pursuits. Deborah benevolently wished to contribute to Africa’s economic heritage by paying homage to her African Royals, of which Deborah believes are often overlooked in western imaginations. In this way, Deborah  had instigated the first ever economic emancipation coin to honour African Royals, placing the faces of the historic figures on the coin.

Dr Deborah Bartlett with the late Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela

Conversely, Deborah’s mission towards restorative justice pays honour to Princess Moradeun Ogunlana from the Royal kingdom of Oba, and David Ajasa Ogunlana, who ruled in Lagos from 1948-1969. This helps further illuminate Princess Moradeun’s significant contribution as been an anchor for economic emancipation in Africa.

Dr Deborah Bartlett is working in partnership with London based broadcaster, Mercy Gilbert. Mercy’s own network will be instrumental in lending the strategic partnership with the African continent to ensure economic growth through a new versatile financial payment method, that combines traditional payment with a cryptocurrency payment systems.

Dr Bartlett’s other strategic partnerships include Florida Memorial University, Obokese University of Ghana , Cape Coast Technical University , the CEO Network and the Economic Emancipation Movement will launch Economic Emancipation Month August 6th, 7th & the 8th. In addition, the Apagyehen of Asebu Traditional area of Central Region, Ghana Nana Obokese Ampah has lent his resources in helping to pave the way in West Africa and beyond in order to help develop the foundation in Africa for economic emancipation. This includes educational partnership with the Obasaki University  and Florida University respectively. The Universities will be offering scholarships in  integral  subjects which Nana Obaski opines will be crucial in the equipping future generations for these uncertain times we find ourselves.

Education is paramount to Dr Bartlett, who herself has academically dedicated herself to the transformation of Africa, with a doctorate in philosophy for organisational leadership. One of her fundamental values is the belief that if you “educate a child you educate a whole village.” Dr Bartlett’s heartfelt desire is for Africa to become self sufficient through the eradication of poverty. In light of the African Continental Free Trade Area(AfCFTA), Dr Bartlett wishes both for the West to invest in Africa’s economic infrastructure, and for the demonstration of fair trade between Africa and its international partners, as espoused in the African Union’s agenda 2063. 

Dr Deborah Bartlett with the late Former President of Southfield the United States President Barack Obama

This would see the creation of new factories in Africa that would support Africa’s own economy, rather than simply allowing Western private entities to exploit Africa’s raw materials. In doing so, such an infrastructure would benefit Africa, creating new jobs and fulfilling the objectives of poverty alleviation.  For example, the Cocoa beans  from Ghana would now be processed in Ghanaian factories, rather than being internationally outsourced to be processed. 

Dr Bartlett is also seeking to point towards the importance of African movie makers, who provide a unique perspective concerning storytelling and the creation of  our own narratives. Dr Bartlett and her team at economic emancipation has already been invited as guests of various African leaders on trade missions. Dr Bartlett has declared August the month of economic emancipation. She will hold a conference where all are welcome at the Florida Memorial University, and has some of the most notable speakers and distinguished guests, of which she very much looks forward to welcoming those from the continent to experience history in the making.

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