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How super rich millennials make their money

New data from shows that the tech sector has created the most millennial billionaires globally, led by Facebook founder and chief executive officer, Mark Zuckerberg, who has accumulated a net worth of $97 billion.

Technology is the sector that has the most millennial billionaires with 28 and a combined net worth of $254.5 billion. analysed the latest data from Forbes to establish which industries in the world have the most millennial (23 – 38 years old) billionaires. Overall, there are currently 78 millennial billionaires in the world with a collective net worth of $418.6 billion.

The finance and investment industry has the next most millennial billionaires with eight and the accumulative net worth of the eight millennial billionaires is $24.6 billion, followed by the automotive, fashion and retail, healthcare and media and entertainment industries, with six millennial billionaires each.

The construction and engineering, gambling and casinos, logistics, sports and telecommunications industries have no millennial billionaires, the London-based gold specialist said.

The second richest millennial billionaire in the world is  Zhang Yiming, the founder of content media platform ‘ByteDance’ who has a net worth of $35.6 billion

CEO of work management software ‘Asana’ Dustin Moskovitz ($17.8 billion) and founder of messaging app ‘Telegram’ Pavel Durov ($17.2 billion) are among the other millennial billionaires with a net worth of more than $15 billion.

A breakdown of where the 78 millennial billionaires are from: United States (33.3%), China (20.5%), Germany (10.3%), Russia (5.1%), Brazil (5.1%), Hong Kong (5.1%), Denmark (3.8%), Australia (3.8%), Sweden (2.6%), Canada (2.6%), Ireland (2.6%), Norway (1.3%), United Kingdom (1.3%), India (1.3%) and Finland (1.3%).

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