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Libyan Atomic Energy Corporation: Libya Possesses Huge Reserves of Uranium

TRIPOLI (The Southern African Times) – Head of the Libyan Atomic Energy Corporation, Wajdi Mohamed Al-Ritaimi, revealed that Libya possesses huge reserves of uranium, most of which are located in the south and east of the country, especially in the border triangle between Libya, Chad, and Sudan.

In an interview, Al-Ritaimi added that Libya is facing many challenges that impede the establishment of nuclear power plants. “It is a goal that needs long-term projects, and it needs great stability in the country. As well as huge funds and a major economic transformation in the country,” he explained

“The transition to nuclear energy is one of the most important solutions to solving the electricity crisis, as it is characterized by being zero energy for carbon dioxide emissions,” he said.

Since 2011, Libya has been suffering from a deficit in energy production. The General Electricity Company of Libya (GECOL) adopts a program of load shedding hours in various cities and regions. The power cuts at peak times, especially in summer, exceed 10 hours a day.

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