“Satisfactory”: Russian embassy assesses situation following Guinea coup

MOSCOW (The Southern African Times) – The Russian Embassy in Guinea reported that it has evaluated the security situation in the African nation as satisfactory following the coup d’etat attempt, however, the mission’s normal diplomatic work has been disrupted.

“The security situation in the country is satisfactory, and there is no immediate threat to the embassy,” the diplomatic mission said. At the same time, the embassy stressed that given the background of the events in Guinea, “usual diplomatic work has been disrupted”.

Earlier, the Russian diplomatic mission revealed that about 500 Russian nationals are currently in Guinea, though there are no alarming reports coming from them. The embassy also recommended exercising caution and not leaving one’s place of residence.

An elite unit of Guinea’s special forces, led by Colonel Mamady Doumbouya, entered the government quarter of Conakry on September 5. The rebel leader Doumbouya told national TV that President Alpha Conde had been arrested, the government had been dissolved, and the constitution had been suspended.

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