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U.K. based Zimbabwean tech inventor Launches Robotic car that uses AI to deliver Medicine

(The Southern African Times) – The UK’s first autonomous delivery vehicle has hit the roads – giving a glimpse into how technology is set to transform the parcel delivery industry.

Kar-go, a state-of-the-art self-driving delivery bot built by Academy of Robotics, uses artificial intelligence and a specially developed package management system to provide contact-free delivery.

The electric vehicle is capable of delivering in both city centres and suburban and rural locations thanks to its unique vision system.

This electric delivery bot is capable of covering 60 miles, fully-loaded on a single charge – more than the average daily delivery round – and could dramatically reduce the environmental impact of parcel deliveries.

In a landmark first journey, the machine successfully transported medical supplies from a pharmacy to a care home in Hounslow, Greater London.

In accordance with current legislation, there was a safety driver on-board Kar-go who could take over at any time, while an additional layer of safety is provided by its nearby Command Hub.

The successful delivery shows how driverless vehicles could eventually become a common site on the streets delivering parcels across the UK.

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