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Uganda suspends 54 NGOs for non-compliance with law

KAMPALA, (The Southern African Times) – Uganda on Friday suspended the operations of 54 non-governmental organisations (NGOs) for non-compliance with the law.

Stephen Okello, the executive director of the National Bureau for NGOs, said these organisations had broken various rules ranging from operating without permits to failing to file annual returns.

Okello said, “23 NGOs were operating with expired permits, 15 NGOs have failed to file annual returns and audited books of accounts to the NGO Bureau while 16 NGOs were operating without registering.”

The suspended organisations included Chapter Four Uganda, Citizens’ Coalition for Electoral Democracy in Uganda, and Femrite Uganda Women Writers’ Association.

In June, Uganda suspended the operations of six NGOs over alleged fraud. In September 2020, it suspended the operations of 208 humanitarian agencies over violations of rules governing refugees.

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