We’re in the business of creating impact”, says Premium Consulting Founders Thabiso Molai (20) and Adam Molai (21)

MELBOURNE, (The Southern African Times) – Thabiso Molai and Adam N.T. Molai, are a new breed of young entrepreneurs, and the Founders of Premium Consulting, which is a young, globally focussed quasi-probono Management Consulting firm, working to create an international network of aspirant student (undergraduate) and professional (post-graduate) Management Consultants, providing innovative and high-quality support and solutions for Tech-Startups, SMEs and Not-For-Profits, with the vision of establishing a renowned impactful brand across global markets.

Thabiso and Adam formed Premium Consulting out of their desire to create an impact for their international student peers across the globe, by providing opportunities that will develop their professional skills and graduate qualities. This desire was inspired by their own experiences as international students, who face certain challenges that their domestic counterparts don’t face, in accessing opportunities for professional experiences, such as internships.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Thabiso and Adam being the Founders of a Management Consulting company say, “we’re in the business of creating impact for our clients”. Their unique business model which incorporates an ‘elected fee’ model, empowers their clients to ‘elect’ their own Management Consulting fee, based on their financial capabilities, and value delivered from the project engagement.

Premium Consulting’s mission is to:

“provide affordable, agile and actionable Management Consulting solutions, which are typically far too expensive and inaccessible to the vast majority of our targeted clients; and to provide opportunities for the talented international students across the globe to gain real world consulting experience in order for them to develop, hone and harness their professional skills and graduate qualities; and lastly to create global networking opportunities with industry professionals and students looking to champion impactful international projects.”

Thabiso and Adam say, “In today’s age of globalisation, having a global network, and global experiences is an important aspect of being competitive”, and their company seeks to empower their student consultants to that effect through their international projects.

In discussing their inspiration to target startups, Thabiso and Adam expressed their keen interest and passion for the Startup scene, which is showing significant growth and progress around the world, such as in Australia where it is now one of the world’s fastest, with a growth rate of 5.8%. They see a great opportunity to play a role in helping to shape the future of the organisations that are “actively shaping our futures every day”. 

Thabiso and Adam said in deciding to start a Management Consulting company, they recognised “the common place challenges that Tech-Startups, SMEs and Not-For-Profits face, which include limited resources and time; and a lack of affordable access to professional talent in developing resilient Strategic Plans, developing robust and effective Business Models or identifying innovative Business Transformation, Marketing and Growth Strategies” which was a challenge they sought to create an opportunity of.

Premium Consulting provides services in Strategy, Marketing, Business Transformation, Not-For-Profit Fundraising, and considering the lack of resources and time that Startups, SMEs and NFPs usually face, Premium Consulting also provides Operational Support to clients who seek it. 

Premium Consulting therebydelivers an end-to-end service by assisting clients with the implementation of recommendations, creating a sense of accountability to deliver actionable solutions to clients.

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