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Why cryptocurrency is the Future!

It all started with the digital revolution and the scale of disruption has changed the world. It does not seem the momentum to this revolution has seen its climax yet. We are, as seer David Bowie says, at the cusp of a true marvel and the aftermath is going to be both scary and exciting. This could be the next stage of human evolution. We are ripe for the space age and our bodies need to be prepared for this next journey. But for this to be accomplished there is need for fundamental evolution in the human body to enable him to conquer worlds beyond.

The earth will not sustain us for much longer with the rate we are destroying it. It is thus imperative that the next stage of human evolution is about conquering other hostile environments totally different from ours. We become the aliens to other worlds that we have always been fascinated about. We are the visitors from the outer space coming to impose a new world order on other planets.

We are on the cusp of an evolutionary takeoff akin to the industrial revolution. The structure of the society as existed before this era is barely unrecognisable. The industrial revolution ushered in wars that ironically brought more innovations as well as untold harm and destruction.

The internet age has already disrupted the way we used to do business and live our lives. It has become so ubiquitous that we can not function without it. The early years of the internet were greeted with much skepticism. It shows the human side of not able to decipher change and has been prevalent through all stages of our evolution. It takes the luminaries within our populations who with prophetic like vision pursue the dream with sheer passion and intensity akin to delusional obsession. The new technologies of IOT, Block Chain, AI and Data Science are all ushering a new era that is both exciting and scary. Some leading scientists have called for legislation to protect the likelihood of human beings creating the seed of their own extinction through some of these technologies.

It is this mindset that there is not much grasp of the new technologies of cryptocurrencies and block-chain technologies. It is being driven by dedicated and tech savvy human beings and the language they speak is foreign to the rest of us. They are dedicated in their quest to a decentralized way of living with little interference from third parties. Some of them are so maximalist in their thinking which i think is a weakness as dealing with human beings needs awareness that the currents of human behavior are very unpredictable and irrational.

David Mutanga is a Co-Founder of Favco Ltd. Favco Ltd imports fruits and vegetables from Africa to Europe. They help African farmers access the European market. David’s holds a Diploma of Nursing(Mental Health), BSc in Computer Science and Mathematical Sciences and MSc in Economics. He is a Monetary history reader with interests in Austrian Economics, Cryptocurrencies, Political Economy. David is inspired daily by his three beautiful daughters and granddaughter. In his free time, David likes to jog, listening to intellectual discussions, listening to music(Blues fan) and reading.

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