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Zambian Ministers undergo induction program to enhance performance

LUSAKA, (The Southern African Times) – Zambia’s new ministers on Monday underwent an induction program that sets the benchmark on how they were expected to conduct themselves in the next five years.

The induction workshop was meant to familiarize the ministers who were sworn in last week following last month’s elections.

In remarks delivered at the start of the workshop, President Hakainde Hichilema warned the ministers that he will not hesitate to effect administrative changes if there were to be any ineffectiveness or inefficiency in their operations.

He warned the ministers that citizens were watching and will judge the ministers on their conduct during serious matters.

He said he expects ministers to work in unison towards the realization of the government’s development goals for the benefit of citizens.

According to him, the new government’s goal was to lower the cost of doing business and bettering the lives of people. 

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